Painting & Drawing Program

Happy Math Learning Center offers beginner to intermediate level painting classes that introduce children to the expressive world of art. Learn to paint and draw in a lively environment infused with music and great teacher-student vibes while learning the basics of painting and colour principles.
Students will learn:
Primary, secondary, and complimentary colours
Colour mixing
Watercolour wet and dry techniques
Freehand drawing and tracing
Simple geometric shapes
Care of art materials
Organic vs geometric shapes
Abstract representation
Representing space (depth)
Strategic use of colour
Cutting skills and techniques
Importance of abstraction in art history
Representing feelings and emotions
Artistic decision making (creativity)
Reflection on the artistic process
Those classes encourages children to apply art techniques to their own creations and explore the fun of drawing or sketching with pencils, pen, inks, graphite in a happy and playful way.

2023-2024 Art Programs
Illustration Art
Oil Pastel
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