Language Program

Whether you’re looking to give your child a jump start into the reading process, or some extra help with reading, spelling, printing or math, we have a program for you. It is so important to cultivate a love of learning at an early age, and our exciting and fun programs aim to do just that.
English and French Reading
Happy Math is a place to practice reading and writing skills. Kids spend half of the time reading with native-speaking teachers, and the rest focus on fun, engaging literacy activities. We support the literacy goals of schools in the Winnipeg School Division and use the same assessment methods.
Our goal is to help students grow as bilingual readers, writers, and thinkers while they develop the social and emotional skills necessary to thrive. 
Language Comprehension
Our language comprehension program supports the needs of Language Learners by building vocabulary and a deeper understanding of the written and spoken language. Students will increase their comprehension while learning vocabulary and increasing their oral language skills.
Young Writers  
For students who seek a more clearly express of thoughts through writing,  enroll in our writing program. The student  will benefit from its focus on correct grammar, sentence structure and writing conventions. Happy Math helps students become better writers while improving their reading and listening abilities.
Beginner/Intermediate Spanish
Learning a new language will expand children's horizons. Learning Spanish will help children to make more friends in a multicultural setting! What's more? It will enable them to comfortably travel to any one of the 23 Spanish-speaking countries.
A Beginners to Intermediate Spanish course is the best for school aged children and our experienced teachers teach through activities, games and reading. 
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