Happy Math Chess Program

Happy Math offers a fun and exciting way for your child to learn the game of chess and meet children who share the same passion. Our program is designed to take children of all ages and different levels, and develop their skills to compete at the competitive level. Our program incorporates a variety of learning strategies and a specialized study plan so that each student is able to succeed and enjoy the game of chess!
Beginner Program:
Our beginner program is designed to teach young students the game of chess and develop the building blocks to advance them to the next level. Students will  learn the absolute basics of the game: how the pieces move, basic checkmating patterns, and simple opening rules. In order to master the basic skills, it is important that students are given the opportunity to practice, and therefore a fraction of the class time is allotted for children to play against each other. At some point within the beginner program, your child will also learn how to record their moves, one of the most important skills in chess!
Intermediate Program:
The intermediate program is an important stepping stone between the basic concepts and advanced strategies. Our intermediate classes go into more depth on the variety of tactical patterns and introduces the ability to calculate ahead by solving several-step checkmates. During class, students will be given puzzle worksheets to test the material covered in class, and will be given the chance to play with time saved to review games. In addition to basic opening and endgame concepts, your child will be introduced to the analysis of famous games so they can follow in the footsteps of the games greatest players! 
Advanced Program:
Our advanced program is aimed to take the school's strongest students and prepare them for competitive tournaments. Advanced classes include discussion on modern opening theory, memorization of theoretical endgames, and analysis of complicated puzzles to further develop the student's ability to visualize. To prepare your child for competitive play, the student is given access to supplemental videos, a variety of worksheets, and one-to-one analysis of their own games to target their specific weaknesses. 

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Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association

The Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association (MSCA) is the provincial branch of the Chess'n Math Association, Canada's national scholastic chess organization (http://chess-math.org). They are a non-profit organization consisting entirely of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure that students in Manitoba have an opportunity to play chess. They have been operating here in Manitoba for the past 35 years. The Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association is run and organized by Jeremie Piche.

Find more information here: http://www.scholasticchess.mb.ca/

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