Here at Happy Math Learning Center, we have a highly qualified teaching team of 21. Our teachers are all experienced and caring educators who committed to promoting an excellent program that inspires students to want to learn and achieve their very best in this rapidly changing world.
Jing Li
Jing has 7 years of Math teaching experience in China and 6 years of International Mathematical Olympics Competition coaching experience. "Interest is the best teacher." It is of great advantage to develop a mathematical way of thinking. She helps children develop great interest in math, and further cultivate positive habits of critical thinking and problem solving. Jing's fun and diverse classroom style and "Happy Learning Method" make students love to learn. Our students are performing better in all subjects in school as their speed, ability, memory and focus has improved considerably.
Tina Hou
Tina Hou has a bachelor degree of mathematics and a master degree of engineering. She has 8 years of experience in teaching general math in TAL education and 5 years of experience in teaching Olympics Math Competition. She is an enthusiastic and ambitious teacher with high aspiration and is keen to progress with her career. Tina is confident in her ability to deliver curriculum outcomes by planning outstanding lessons that engage her student, she also has extensive experience of teaching general math in a wide range of classroom setting, and she is great with encouraging and fostering intellectual curiosity in the field of mathematics.
Theo Wolchock 
Theo Wolchock is the current and five year reigning Manitoba Junior Chess Champion, and among the province's highest ranked players. Theo started playing when he was five years old and quickly became a hot topic in Manitoba chess. Throughout his years as a junior, Theo has represented Manitoba for his age group five times at the national level, and in 2015 he became the grade 7 national champion. During this journey, Theo has traveled across Canada and the United States participating in some of the highest funded events. Today, at age 18, Theo has turned most of his chess focus to teaching. Since taking on his first student in 2016, Theo has had the privilege of working with some of the province's top prospects and playing along side them at the competitive level. Currently Theo focuses most of his teachings with the young talent at the Happy Math Learning Center where he develops the skill set students need to become the next junior star.
Tina Charalabopoulos
Tina is certified for Overseas Teachers of English: Cambridge University (UK) and has 15+ years of experience teaching English as an Additional Language. Her friendly, approachable, and easily teaching style establishes a comfortable rapport with the student in the classroom. Tina is able to explain complex concepts clearly and logically and overcome language barriers to ensure everyone's understanding. She has demonstrated ability to diffuse tension and work with reluctant or struggling students to ensure an appropriate learning environment where they can grow.
Jerome has a Bachelor of Education in St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and a Post-Baccalaureate in Education from the University of Manitoba.He has been involved in the education profession for almost thirty years. In that time, he has performed many educational roles from vice-principal to principal to his current role as an English Department Head and English/Psychology teacher in a Manitoba high school. His past few years have focussed on aiding students and teachers in preparation for the twice-yearly Grade 12 English Standards Test. This experience, with his love of reading and writing, makes him an enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher and coach for those wishing to advance their reading and writing skills.
Donna is a veteran teacher with over 30 years of classroom experience. She has a passion for second language acquisition. Her work experience in French Immersion with students aged 5-13 is expensive and includes department head of middle years French at a local private school. Donna provides a fun and engaging French Immersion cultural experience for students of all ages. Students will focus on French oral language development, which is essential for the development of reading and writing. Using games, music and stories, students learn to express themselves in French. Donna is particularly interested in the teaching students how to pose questions which foster their thinking in French. In addition to her French Immersion experience, Donna holds a B.A. in music from the University of Ottawa, a B. Ed from Nipissing University and 2 PBDE diplomas in Education and Inclusive Education from the University of Manitoba. Donna is also an Orff trained teacher and clarinetist, which she enjoys playing in her free time. 

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